Bored so googled an old crush. He's married now and not quite as hot as I recall. Didn't take him for the marrying type, but neither was I and I am. He had given me the best compliment I've ever received. "You are the smartest girl I know." Melts my cold ice block of a heart it does, intelligence flattery.

I somewhat regret not having made a move. It would have spared me years of wondering what if. But I like the strong forceful type. A man who knows what he wants and goes after it. My lips look tasty to you? Then throw caution to the wind and kiss me. But he was shy and his approach repulsed me. It was obvious he liked me and I liked him too but I wanted to be conquered not coaxed.

I can still remember the day he tried to let me know he was interested. "I'm shy" he said, "ugh" I thought and played dumb like I had no clue what he was aiming at and he backed off like a dog with tail between his legs. I swear his head did a retracting turtle move. Good thing perhaps because I would have crushed his spineless spirit and overpowered him into rebellion. My amazonian prowess can only be balanced by a Christ-like ego.

So even though he made my heart skip beats, nothing developed and the memory festers. It's curious you know, unresolved attraction, like a story without an ending or a posted blog that noone reads. There, but insignificant.

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