Vongo Removal

Didn't think it was fair to diss Vongo and not let its poor victims know how to get rid of it So from my days of searching the internet, I've found one useful method and want to share it.
Vongo removal
1. Download the Windows Installation Cleanup Utility from This link
2. In safe mode, (click F8 while computer starts up), remove Vongo through add/remove programs and restart in safe mode again.
3. Click my computer, C drive, Program files.
4. Select the Vongo folder (if it is still there) and press delete on your keyboard.
6. Clear out any Vongo crap from your recycle bin.
5. Use the cleanup utility to remove Vongo and pray that next time you restart your computer in normal mode it won't be there.
For more detailed Vongo removal instructions
Click the above link and scroll down to post number 8.

If you feel this is too much to remove a program, I agree. This isn't a program, it's a virus.
Uninstall Vongo


Before you buy an HP laptop

Before committing yourself to HP, ye be faily warned. Laptops come preinstalled with this piece of crap called Vongo. Why is it a piece of crap you ask? Well google Vongo sucks and you will be enlightened. From personal experience, I can tell you that the damn thing absolutely refuses to uninstall itself. It takes reverting to the retail version of Vista to get rid of it permanently and I'm not even sure that's entirely correct.
If you don't use the service to download movies it just takes up system resources and so you try to uninstall it through add/remove programs and guess what, you've just joined the 99% of HP customers who have wasted precious hours trying to fix the mess it leaves behind. Sure, some people don't mind having to do the extra work to get rid of a preinstalled program, but is it really necessary to sit through click after click after click on a brand new laptop that you just payed a whole lotta dough for? If they are gonna charge you so much for a laptop, the least they can do is not put stuff on there that requires your first born's life to get rid of it. I am not alone in this opinion.
So I decided to do a little more research and come to find out even people who use it to buy movies hate it. It seems it's got some severe issues and unmentioned extra costs associated with it. If ever I wanted to put a company out of business, it is this one.
So in short I must tell you that Vongo is a virus. Vongo comes preinstalled on HP and requires an arm and a leg to have it removed. You have far better things to do with your time than getting rid of some program that some company put on your computer. An analogy to Vongo on Hp is a television remote that has a power button that if you press it turns your TV picture into static and the company that makes the remote requires you to pay them $9.95 a month to fix the problem and the TV company that sells the TV with the remote charges $19.95 to allow the TV to not have static when you press the power button. Ridiculous isn't it?
Like I said, there are tons of folks out there who have been duped. Here is a list of the best websites that will give you a fair picture of the issues so that ye may be fairly warned about HP before you purchase:

Vongo Customer's Experience
Vongo Sucks Boogers
Why Vongo should be classified as a virus
How to Get Rid of Vongo
Vongo is spyware and HP is complicit
Best dictionary definition of Vongo

I've also read a lot about people wanting to file a class action lawsuit against Vongo and HP for knowingly infecting their expensive products with this malicious virus. I will be one of the firsts to sign up and am going to google lawyers right now. Let's sue Vongo. Let's sue HP. These people need to be taught a lesson. My time is valuable and should not be wasted getting rid of their infectious malice.
And yes, there are many sites with instructions out there for removing Vongo but I say you should not have to waste your time. Best thing to do is return the HP and go to Dell (so I've read, but Dell has preinstalls too, guess they're removable). And make sure you tell them you're returning it because they and Vongo SUCK!