Vongo Removal

Didn't think it was fair to diss Vongo and not let its poor victims know how to get rid of it So from my days of searching the internet, I've found one useful method and want to share it.
Vongo removal
1. Download the Windows Installation Cleanup Utility from This link
2. In safe mode, (click F8 while computer starts up), remove Vongo through add/remove programs and restart in safe mode again.
3. Click my computer, C drive, Program files.
4. Select the Vongo folder (if it is still there) and press delete on your keyboard.
6. Clear out any Vongo crap from your recycle bin.
5. Use the cleanup utility to remove Vongo and pray that next time you restart your computer in normal mode it won't be there.
For more detailed Vongo removal instructions
Click the above link and scroll down to post number 8.

If you feel this is too much to remove a program, I agree. This isn't a program, it's a virus.
Uninstall Vongo

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